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We see Egypt is among top countries for wind power projects, covering 20% of its electricity needs from Renewables, about 6 GWs by 2020 with a 50% wind power share, about 3 GWs of wind farms.

Organization work fields

Managements and Administrations for Wind Power Projects

1. Promotion Programs & Activities for Small Wind
2. Training courses for large Wind Power Projects
3. Public Awareness for the Wind Power
4. Building Administrative Structures for Wind Projects
5. Feasibility Studies set up for Wind Power Projects
6. Encouraging and Establishing of Wind Power Projects


To encourage Government and Private sectors to construct Wind Farms to reach 3 GWs by 2020, By catching the steps of the international Renewable Energy programs, Egypt could contribute by adding several wind mega projects specially where there are lots of promising locations at Egypt Wind Atlas, And to promote the 2.4 GW plant, The "High Dam 2" with a 150mw wind farm first stage at El-Minya Eastern Desert.